Canyoning (or Canyoneering in USA) is a relatively new sport in Canada even if some of the Canadian pioneers have been exploring canyons for decades. It seems that this activity is getting interested from a larger public those last few years.

That is why the CCA has been created: to raise the awareness of canyoners, protect canyons and inform the public. This in order for the sport to grow in a safe and respectful way.

Those following guidelines are a non-exhaustive list of precautions, skills and gear to own before going in canyons. Those guidelines are not meant to be a full fascicule on how to canyon but more a first orientation to learn the basics, where to find the info and the training in order to reach the autonomy for recreational canyoners and a code of conduct for professional and recreational Canyoners.

Please keep in mind that Canyoning is a sport that requires specific skills and gear to be able to practice safely. Coming from another discipline using ropes or involving swift water is benefic, but could also lead you to make mistakes resulting in injuries or death of participants.